GRUPPO EUROMOBIL AND ART | Alberto Biasi. Tuffo nell’arcobaleno


Gruppo Euromobil, as main sponsor, promotes Alberto Biasi's exhibition Tuffo nell'arcobaleno (Dive into the rainbow) in Rome, at the Ara Pacis Museum, until February 22, 2022.

With over 60 works from museums and private collections, the Ara Pacis Museum is hosting a major exhibition on Alberto Biasi, one of the most important national and international exponents of Kinetic Art.

The exhibition Alberto Biasi. Tuffo nell'arcobaleno (Dive into the Rainbow), promoted and produced by Roma Culture, Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali and Il Cigno GG Edizioni with the collaboration of the Archivio Alberto Biasi and organized by Il Cigno GG Edizioni with Villaggio Globale International with the support of Zètema Progetto Cultura and Studio d'Arte GR, brings to Rome - from October 13, 2021 to February 20, 2022 - an anthological selection of the production of the great Master, among the undisputed protagonists of the art of the Second Post-War period in Italy.

On the occasion of the exhibition in Rome, curated by Giovanni Granzotto and Dimitri Ozerkov - Director of the Department of Contemporary Art at The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg -, the works on display and the four room-installations dating from 1959 - when Biasi was very young and formed the Gruppo N in Padua - to 2014, tell the full story of the artist's activity focused on the investigation of perception, through works that poetically and scientifically address issues related to vision.

The exhibition reconstructs Biasi's creative path, from the beginning to the most recent experiments.

Inside the exhibition the visitor will encounter environments, such as Light Prisms (Tuffo nell'arcobaleno), Eco and Proiezione di Luci e Ombre, where Biasi explores the decomposition of form through light and the perceptual illusion that light itself helps to produce.

His artworks consist of "blades and superimposed planes that simulate movement, while an interplay of light, 3D optical illusions and interactive arrangements animate the spaces of the Ara Pacis museum,  moving back and forth between tradition and experimentation: Trame - the first superimpositions of perforated paper -, Torsioni, Rilievi Ottico-Dinamici and Politipi, up to the Assemblaggi and the works of his last period; contaminations of an artist who, while keeping alive the bond with tradition, has had the privilege of diving into the future.

In view of the dual role of the individual - creator and user at the same time - the exhibition also presents the successful encounter between two and three dimensions in the work Io sono tu sei.

The exhibition is sponsored by Gruppo Euromobil and Made in Italy School.

The catalogue of the exhibition is published by Il Cigno GG Edizioni.


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Alberto Biasi. Rainbow dive

Ara Pacis Museum

Lungotevere in Augusta (corner of via Tomacelli)
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