GRUPPO EUROMOBIL | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2012

Euromobil Group, with Zalf forniture and Désirée sofas, will be present at "Salone del Mobile 2012" in Milan with its goals: 40 anni di design, 30 years of art and culture, 30 years of sport.

Zalf furniture and Désirée sofas face the great challenge to the changing demands of living with a new vision of the future presenting at “Salone del Mobile 2012” original projects. Contemporaneity and innovation will provide to the user a range of products and services that fulfill the dream of a high design home at an affordable price. This philosophy is the result of dynamism and industrial and technological flexibility in a vanguard position in interior design that always respects the philosophy "Make & Project in Italy": everything is made and designed in Italy, everything is under control and responds to an ethical concept of environmental sustainability.

In Milan, a great architectural project of 1000 square meters, will be the perfect set for the two brands of Euromobil Group, Zalf furniture and Désirée sofas. The artists' works Alessandro Verdi, Pope and Claudio Verna enrich the exhibition emphasizing the relationship between design, art and culture which has for Euromobil Group a really unique and special meaning: art opens your mind and train your eye to beauty.

ZALF furniture
Zalf furniture will present in a rational and emotional scene, which covers an area of 500 square meters, a space dedicated to high total home design but affordable. This new philosophy for the contemporary home, called TOTAL HOME DESIGN, will be presented with CASAUNO CASADUE, two exclusive projects that involve systems and accessories integrated and transversal for the day, the night and the children and teenager space, responding to the same areas of taste with high quality products at an affordable cost, high-performance functionality, strong aesthetic impact and great emotion.

Zalf will propose new finishes with warm tone and materic taste like thermostructured TSS in versions Natural Wood, Grey Wood and the new color Flint, finishes matching and compatible with Euromobil kitchen projects OneTouch, Laclip and Escape, design by Edoardo Gherardi, Roberto Gobbo R&S Zalf.
Also the new library Link System, more creative and colorful, to be composed in total freedom thanks to the opportunity to have the side with a pitch of up to 180 cm, characterizing spaces with partitions elements that allow to get original geometries. For a young and contemporary living area, in Milan will also be present wall units G45 to be placed freely and creatively on the wall, proposed with exclusive finishes and colors.
Original and new will be also solutions for children and young people, more and more multi-functional, as the organized and tidy open wardrobe and the nice wall units Unoeotto, elegant and refined, that communicate design through color suggestion and volumes articulation.
At last the area dedicated to the night is completed with the rich and new finishes shown on cabinets with hinged doors, sliding and coplanar by Zalf.

Désirée sofas
Désirée sofas presents in a set with an area of 500 square meters, exciting and poetic, a home environment, characterized by refined and enveloping warm tones. All this also thanks to the vision of an important work of art, 20 meters long, by Master Alessandro Verdi.
In this excellent scenario, Désirée, following the large consensus aroused, will propose for the “Glow In” sofa, designed by Marc Sadler, new compositional elements with large dimension, to be customized with cushions and armrests more and more creative.
will enrich its collection of upholstered with the young and contemporary sofa “Zerocento”, design by R&S Désirée and Edoardo Gherardi. It is the sofa designed specifically for the design concept “Total Home Design” by Euromobil Group. Characterized by the possibility of great depth, Zerocento with an original proposal of upholstery fabric for young and sober taste and a particular zip outlining the broad shape of the armrest.
Among the innovations also the chair One Flo by Edoardo Gherardi, characterized by sinuous lines that recall the floral world.
This year, the project research Désirée is dedicated and really immersed into the new needs of the night. In Milan it will be presented two new upholstered beds: bed “Daedalus” with an important headboard, designed in two variants, designed by architect Simone Micheli, and bed “Vanity” by Edoardo Gherardi, reassuring and welcoming, with two large pillows as headboard.
Finally, sofas Tuliss and Lacoon, design by Jai Jalan, exhibited in Milan with exclusive finishes.

All projects Zalf furniture and Désirée sofas presented in Milan are the result of a deep, excellent, economic and corporate design effort, that really and effectively meets the needs and new demands of contemporary living: a change more and more directed towards high quality design at a affordable price.