ZALF | SpaceMakers – Home and Night System Catalogue


Zalf is presenting the company’s new 2020 catalogue - created together with ValentiniCesarottiAssociati - which presents SpaceMakers – Home and night systems, the new, versatile system which organises spaces by flexibly generating solutions that contain living functions and do not require vertical partitions but include systems that are finished on the rear or can be fitted back-to-back for all modules and functions, made-to-measure in all three dimensions.

The SpaceMakers concept is based on three fundamental concepts:

  • versatile, to provide different types of dwellings with established solutions or ones for transformation, where space is designed with new layouts;
  • transversal, 3 wardrobe systems and 4 walk-in closets, all mix and match as finishes, depths and heights are all compatible;
  • spacious, organize space to obtain flexible home storage solutions that do not need vertical partitions and are finished on the back, or can be placed back to back. All modules and functions are available with these features, customisable in a choice of three dimensions.

Four decor projects that organise space are proposed in the catalogue to meet your personal taste and needs, in an open concept with compact dimensions of 70 m2, or a large residential unit.

A central section is also dedicated to “Zalf Family Live”: a journey through daily lives to discover how nowadays families, women, men and couples live their homes. This is a short guide for worldwide promotion of Zalf products made in Italy.

Furniture becomes architecture and creates a new paradigm because, instead of taking up space, it now organises it.