Project B1


Master bedroom

Flexy walk-in closet and glass sliding closing system, Blunt bed, Grip complements

Blunt bed

Padded Blunt bed with removable fabric cover and Raked burnished metal legs that give an airy aspect to the structure.

Grip complements

The composition is completed with Grip complements featuring a striking handle profile and a glass top.

Dressing room

Alterna hinged wardrobe City and City Glass doors

The Alterna wardrobe system includes a wide variety of doors: in this room, wardrobes with City doors and City Glass doors that reveal interiors with shelves and integrated LED lighting.

These details: City Glass doors in transparent fumé glass, framed by minimal burnished aluminium frames with incorporated handle, and City doors with cocò textured finish.

Single bedroom

Flexy Easy walk-in closet with sliding closing system, Fold bed with Lucky and Tic complements

Flexy Easy walk-in closet complete with shirt rack to place at any height required.

Lucky seven-drawer chest

Lucky seven-drawer chest with grip handle on the sides of the drawers.

The base stands on 1x1.8cm section minimal feet in burnished metal that give an airy touch to the structure and match perfectly with the Tic occasional table.

Windy walk-in closet

Single bedroom

Alterna hinged wardrobe with TV module, Windy walk-in closet, Icon Big bed and Lucky complements

There are several versions of the TV module: with open units, doors, drawers or deep drawers.

The picture shows a TV module with deep drawers, a drawer and open unit. The central panel opens easily to access a capacious compartment fitted with shelves and cable glands that take wiring to the back of the panel.

Guest bedroom

Alterna hinged wardrobe with Break door, folding closing system and bed module with fold-away base

Bed module with fold-away base, suspended desk and Set seven-drawer chest

Bed module with fold-away base, double size. The Set collection of complements features a 45° cut between the top and drawer.

Dining room

Alterna hinged wardrobe with Grip door and Windy walk-in closet


Windy walk-in closet

Windy with wall pole

Windy with wall poles, drawer units with burnished Grip handle profile and shelves with burnished clothes hanging rail coordinated with the poles.

Four decor projects that organise space to meet your personal taste and needs.

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