Project B2


Master bedroom

Slim bed, Set complements, Alterna sliding wardrobe with rear finishing doors


Free walk-in closet

Alterna sliding wardrobe with Double Glass central doors and Mixer side doors

Alterna sliding wardrobe with Mondrian central doors and Compass side doors


Alterna hinged wardrobe with Glass Vetro doors and walk-through module, Image bookcase by Euromobil

Walk-through module

Single bedroom

Alterna hinged wardrobe with Plana door and Virgola handle, Overhead module, linking bookcase module and Soft bed

Closet module

Closet module, a compact space fitted with all the elements included in the Alterna wardrobe system: drawer units, shelves, clothes hanging rail and LED lighting


Alterna hinged wardrobe with seasonal doors, Image bookcase by Euromobil

Alterna hinged wardrobe
End module with clothes hanging rail

Alterna hinged wardrobe with season compartment doors helps to organise your wardrobe by subdividing space accurately.

End module with jacket rack.

Dining room

Alterna coplanar wardrobe

Alterna coplanar wardrobe with Break doors

The Alterna coplanar wardrobe comes with a 2.2cm thick melamine faced wood particle panel door.


Alterna hinged wardrobe with Plana door and Virgola handle, linking bookcase module, service and household appliance modules, and Free walk-in closet with inclined shoe shelves

Service and household appliance modules

Modules designed to accommodate household appliances and accessories, such as a concealed ironing board.

Four decor projects that organise space to meet your personal taste and needs.

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