A junior bedroom is the ideal place for exciting adventures! Millions of dreams to come true, plans and stories to experience: free your imagination with Zalf!


Growing solutions for all ages, from little boys and girls to teenagers, with an evergreen design that goes beyond fashion and with the possibility to add on and rearrange the layout over time thanks to SCHEMA LIBERO, a project that allows to add new elements freely, and to MULTISPAZIO, a unique system that multiplies space. With a wide range of systems in a flexible and comprehensive application, together with a folder full of colors and exclusive finishes provides concrete answers to an audience with diverse aesthetic and functional needs, even in environments with small dimensions.

Health protection, total quality and safety are integral part of our product culture

The eco-panel with a very low formaldehyde emission is compliant with the regulation “CARB Phase 2” about wood particles with very low formaldehyde emissions (-35% compared with current regulations class E1). It is made with recycled wooden materials, focusing on respect for nature and final consumers. The heating system of Zalf structures comprises biomass burners that totally eliminate emissions and do not contribute to global warming. Furthermore all packing materials are 100% recyclable.