Furniture for the home and workplace, all products entirely Made in Italy.

Solutions that multiply the compositional possibilities, providing the utmost creative freedom, cutting-edge technology and maxmum design customisation: this is the Zalf universe, furniture for the home and the workplace, all products entirely Made in Italy.

High quality materials and attention to detail are necessary elements Zalf employs to ensure the products leaving its factory will pass any type of test, putting the safety of the end user as a top priority.
Design research and innovation.

Zalf develops its design culture through the language of innovation: new ideas become products capable of integrating with existing ones, thus maximizing the possibilities of customisation. Original design is durable and does not slavishly follow fashion.

Exclusive, eco-sustainable technologies.

A UNI ENI ISO 9001 certified company, Zalf pays careful attention to industrial innovation that is environmentally friendly: high product performance is guaranteed by avant garde technologies, such as, for example, excellent polyurethane adhesives.

Finishes that reproduce the essence of wood.

A constant search for practical, innovative materials with personality has led to the creation of the thermostructured finish that reproduces perfectly both the appearance and feel of the best wood species.

Zalf: continuous research is our creative history

Zalf was founded in 1974 from a previous structure and its name is an acronym of the initials of the four partners: Zavarise, Andreola, Lucchetta and Fanizzi. However, shortly after, the company became the property of Lucchetta. At the time of purchase, Maser was a facility of 3500 square meters on 10,000 square meters of land and the new company invested heavily in rebuilding the entire production line from scratch. In the late eighties and the beginning of the next decade, Zalf saw a substantial expansion of production, reaching 25,000 square meters of covered area. New CNC machines were introduced, which doubled daily production.
Today it is a member of the Gruppo Euromobil, sharing a production philosophy aimed at offering each individual the opportunity to express unique personal choices. Its attractive, precise design interprets contemporary taste and adapts immediately to the different moments of everyday life. Projects are dedicated to children, teens, single people, young couples and all those who love to live in style with creativity and confidence.
They fit perfectly into rooms of any size and are suitable for any part of the home.

Some number crunching

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  • 25.000
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  • 500+
Furniture and materials that respect the environment.

For years Zalf has been designing and producing in the knowledge and with the aim of preserving our planet. Over the years it has recognised the importance of sustainable design and transversal products and production systems. Our ecopanels with very low formaldehyde emissions comply with "CARB Phase 2", which drastically lowers the current maximum permitted levels. Our furniture structures are faced with melamine coated, abrasion resistant paper that's easy to clean.

Zero emissions and 100% recyclable packing

Zalf has revolutionized its facilities' heating systems, replacing the "old" traditional boilers with the latest biomass combustors that eliminate all the fumes caused by impurities. Biomass does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. All Zalf packing (polystyrene, cardboard and shrink wrap) is 100% recyclable.

Special attention to Nature and household economy

Zalf is very attentive to household economy, proposing a diverse range of lighting systems with LED lights. Compared to common fluorescent lamps, these offer energy savings up to 80%, last at least 10 times longer, do not produce ultraviolet rays and generate very little heat. All Zalf packing (polystyrene, cardboard and shrink wrap) is 100% recyclable.