GRUPPO EUROMOBIL AND ART | 'Gli ultimi giorni di Van Gogh. Il diario ritrovato'


"Gli ultimi giorni di Van Gogh. Il diario ritrovato” bears the signature of Marco Goldin with whom Gruppo Euromobil has shared a great love for art since 1991 and with whom it has participated as main partner in hundreds of exhibitions, from Van Gogh to Monet, from Cézanne to Gauguin, from Picasso to Matisse to name a few.

The book, available from 13th September in bookstores and digital stores, will be presented Saturday, September 17, at 6:30 p.m. at Lanificio Paoletti in Follina. Free admission subject to availability.

This unique public presentation, in the form of a recital, will be followed by the theatrical tour, which stems from the novel and will start on November 5 with the zero date from the theater in Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma). The national premiere will be at the Politeama Rossetti in Trieste on November 8.

Gruppo Euromobil of the brothers Antonio, Gaspare, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta is once again partnering with Goldin for this special occasion, contributing to the event.