Alterna hinged wardrobe


Alterna hinged wardrobe with Plana door and Virgola handle, Overhead module, linking bookcase module and Soft bed

Closet module

Closet module, a compact space fitted with all the elements included in the Alterna wardrobe system: drawer units, shelves, clothes hanging rail and LED lighting.



Alterna hinged wardrobe

Alterna hinged wardrobe with fumé glass City Glass door and burnished frame, slate external side, sesame shirt tray and drawer units.


Alterna hinged wardrobe with TV module, Windy walk-in closet, Icon Big bed and Lucky complements

There are several versions of the TV module: with open units, doors, drawers or deep drawers. The picture shows a TV module with deep drawers, a drawer and open unit. The central panel opens easily to access a capacious compartment fitted with shelves and cable glands that take wiring to the back of the panel.


Alterna hinged wardrobe City and City Glass doors

The Alterna wardrobe system includes a wide variety of doors: in this room, wardrobes with City doors and City Glass doors that reveal interiors with shelves and integrated LED lighting.

These details: City Glass doors in transparent fumé glass, framed by minimal burnished aluminium frames with incorporated handle, and City doors with cocò textured finish.


Alterna hinged wardrobe and overhead modules with Gola door


Alterna hinged wardrobe with Plana door and Bench handle

Alterna hinged wardrobe shown here with two-drawer modules, a corner module with 165° opening hinge and LED lighting recessed into the side panel.


The module with drawers ot deep drawers comes with two or three drawers. It is also available on full extension and soft closing runners. Drawers can be provided with push-pull opening, handles or grip profiles, as shown.
The top detail shows a lignum dark Bench handle.

Custom made in height and rear finishing doors