To provide different types of dwellings with established solutions or ones for transformation, where space is designed with new layouts.

From master bedrooms to walk-in closets and areas leading to service rooms, we differentiate the aesthetics of the solutions and make the right decisions, also regarding price. This comes about by using different types of modules and a wide range of fronts: sliding or hinged doors with aluminium frames and textured finishes or plain panels, with full height or applied handles.


3 wardrobe systems and 4 walk-in closets, all mix and match as finishes, depths and heights are all compatible.

Transversal systems meet different storage needs or adapt to the space available: hinged, sliding or coplanar doors, walk-in closets with several load-bearing solutions, racks with and without filler panels, and poles fixed to the wall or ceiling.

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Wardrobe systems Hinged door wardrobe Sliding door wardrobe Coplanar wardrobe
Walk-in closet Free Flexy Flexy Easy Windy


Organize space to obtain flexible home storage solutions that do not need vertical partitions and are finished on the back, or can be placed back to back. All modules and functions are available with these features, customisable in a choice of three dimensions.

Four decor projects that organise space to meet your personal taste and needs, in an open concept with compact dimensions of 70 m2, or a large residential unit.