GRUPPO EUROMOBIL | 50° Anniversary


The history of Gruppo Euromobil is a human and entrepreneurial story full of challenges won and future challenges started 50 years ago. Art and design celebrate the new Gruppo Euromobil advertising campaign dedicated to the 50th anniversary.

A project that links the three brands by a thin thread that leads back to the same roots, the same entrepreneurial vision, the same family, the same industrial group. A project that brings together past and future, art and design, in which history interacts with modernity, giving the observer a dream and inspirational atmosphere.

The press campaign pays tribute to the past in order to build the future. This is how Euromobil, Zalf and Désirée play a different role from the usual, moving away from the modernist canons of architecture that have accompanied them in recent years. In a contemporary dialogue with the past, they design timeless spaces with the most iconic design pieces of their collections.

Thus began a new era.