ZALF | Increasingly greener thanks to the new photovoltaic system


A new-generation photovoltaic system has been installed on the Zalf factory, a brand belonging to the Gruppo Euromobil specialised in furniture for living areas, bedrooms and home offices. The company has decided to invest in environmental-friendly solutions optimising energy performances to reduce consumptions. The new photovoltaic roof guarantees the self-production necessary to satisfy more than 30% of the power requirements for the indoor and outdoor lighting of the whole industrial plant, equal to the quantity of energy normally consumed  by 15 residential buildings in one year.

The system – a photovoltaic generator consisting of high-efficiency and high-performance polycrystalline material – is a high-efficiency system installed on the roof of the extension of the Maser headquarters, with the aim of minimising land use. There is also a charging station for the company’s electric cars.

Producing its own energy is one of the aspects of the company's environmental sustainability policy that involves various combined actions, such as the constant consumption control, the implementation of production lines with lower power consumption, the recovery of thermal energy in winter, the minimisation of land use and the management of rainwater with detention and infiltration basins.