Internal equipment



A. transparent glass shelf
B. shaped end shelf
C. Trai 45 glass shelf with clothes hanging rail
D. pull-out shelf
E. pull-out shelf with Simple clothes hanging rail
F. inclined shoe shelf
G. pull-out shoe shelf





Pull-out trays and pull-out trouser rack

A. Square tray H.10 cm
B. Trai 45 tray glass front H.7 cm
C. Trai 45 tray melamine front H.7 cm
D. Square trouser rack H.5 cm
E. Trai 45 trouser rack glass front H.7 cm
F. Trai 45 trouser rack melamine front H.7 cm




Drawer units: handle integrated in the front or burnished metal handle

A. drawer unit 1 drawer H.20.3 cm
B. drawer unit 2 deep drawers + 1 drawer H.73.6 cm
C. drawer unit 2 deep drawers + 1 drawer H.73.6 cm
D. drawer unit 2 deep drawers + 2 drawers H.92 cm
E. drawer unit 2 deep drawers H.55.2 cm
F. drawer unit 2 drawers H.36.8 cm



Shirt rack

shirt rack with six compartments



Clothes hanging rail

A. Vip clothes hanging rail
B. Simple clothes hanging rail
C. pull-out clothes hanging rail
D. pull-out hanging rail
E. clothes rod
F. pull-out belt rack
G. folding trouser rack
H. pull-out tie rack




A. shelf for push-pull
B. swinging mirror
C. pull-out laundry basket
D. fold-away ironing board
E. internal desk





A. external U LED lamp
B. light for bar under overhead units
C. recessed lighting on melamine shelf
D. recessed LED lights on side panel